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Electric Utility and Solar Advocates in Arizona Reach Compromise Rate Settlement for Rooftop Solar

The Arizona Public Service Co. (APS) and solar industry representatives and advocates have reached a settlement on rooftop solar compensation and rate design, following years of heated policy debate.  The settlement, which the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) is expected to vote on this summer, required compromise from both sides on a variety of issues. Future … Continue Reading

New York Staged to Begin Full Community Net Metering Program

Community net metering is relatively new to New York.  Last July, the New York Public Service Commission (PSC) issued an order establishing a “community distributed generation program” that allows multiple customers to net meter from a single solar generation facility.  Community net metering will implement principles that are part of New York’s sweeping energy policy … Continue Reading

Massachusetts DPU Adopts Procedures for Relaxing Eligibility for Net Metering Renewable Energy Facilities

by William Friedman The Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities (DPU) recently issued an order giving greater flexibility to renewable energy projects seeking to qualify for Massachusetts’ net metering program. Net metering allows the owner of a renewable energy project (such as wind or solar) to receive a retail credit for at least a portion of … Continue Reading

Massachusetts Net Metering Projects Face Suboptimal Interconnection Designs

by William M. Friedman Massachusetts’ net metering program went into full effect in February, but the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities (DPU) may have inadvertently stymied the program’s growth by issuing an order that prohibits or impedes optimal interconnection of larger projects. The Massachusetts DPU is now considering reversing course. Under the Massachusetts’ net metering program, … Continue Reading